Your name and the name of your farm:

Fred and Vicki Fleming
Lazy YJ Farms

Location of your farm:

1.5 miles north of Reardan on State Highway 231 N. Located in Lincoln County, WA.

History of your farm:

My great grandfather Fred Wagner homesteaded the farm in 1888. Vicki and I are both fourth generation farmers. Vicki's great grandfather Otto Wollwerber started farming north of where we live today sometime around 1888. Fred and Otto were very good friends.

Why do you think direct seeding is important to the future of agriculture?

Direct seeding cuts fuel cost by eliminating trips over the land. It also reduces the time spent farming the land will reducing erosion that will allow my farm to be productive into the future.

Why are you involved with Shepherd’s Grain?

We are changing a paradigm in farming on how we market our crops. It is also the first time in my history in farming that I am connecting to my customer. I enjoy knowing that my wheat is being made into products being served locally. I can trace my wheat to the consumer.

Why do you think it is important to develop relationships between the grower and Shepherd’s Grain customers?

Our customers are our first line of defense to keep local farmers in business. SG Farmers have to empower our customer to become ambassadors to safe the family farm. Our customers become our best friends to tell the story to the consumer. The consumer drives our customers. The relationship has to be a win-win for both.